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Why commission a piece?

How does the process work?

What can I commission?

In the ever-changing world of music, you may be seeking something unique, specific, and new to program for an upcoming concert. Commissioning an original work gives you the opportunity to collaborate directly with the composer, learn about the compositional process (and have your students learn too), as well as ultimately receiving a final product that you can bring to life as the global premiere. Performing a premiere can bring great recognition and respect to your program, as well as serving as a unique way for your community to experience new music. The best part about commissioning a brand new piece is that you get to decide the parameters. What voicing/instrumentation do you want? What ranges work best for your ensemble? How long do you want the piece to be, and what text inspires you? 

Each commissioning process is unique, but it usually follows a series of steps that are listed below.

1. The ensemble reaches out to the composer (contact form) to express interest in a commission. It is best to include your vision for the piece, timeline, and your ensemble's budget.

2. The composer will respond promptly to set up a time to further discuss the commission.

3. Deadlines, compensation, and concert specifics will be agreed upon by both parties.

4. The ensemble presents a world premiere!

The possibilities are endless! You can commission pieces that require a very large ensemble, such as full choir and orchestra, as well as solo instrumental pieces. There is lots of flexibility when it comes to commissions, and you can choose these parameters.

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