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Composer, Conductor & Music Director

Sammy Strent Headshot

"Our world, so worn and weary,

needs music, pure and strong"

-Frances Ellen Watkins Harper


Sammy Strent is a composer, conductor, music director, and multi-instrumentalist currently based in New York City. Strent is most well-known for his choral compositions, though he composes for a variety of instrumentations and mediums. Strent’s compositions have been performed by professional new-music ensembles throughout the country including the Worcester Chamber Music Society’s string quartet (2019), Transient Canvas (2021), and the Contemporary Ensemble at the Atlantic Music Festival (2021). Strent's choral piece, "Continuities", for SATB with Piano and Cello, was selected as a winner from a call for scores at the Frost School of Music; it was premiered on April 27th, 2021 in Miami, Florida. In addition to composing for classical ensembles, Strent has scored the music to 3 youtube tv series by Stein Films, 2 theatrical plays, 3 films, and is currently working on a musical. Strent's interest in electronic music and music production has inspired him to compose with unique textures.  In addition to composing, Strent works as an arranger and recently worked on an arrangement of the Super Mario Brothers Main Theme for the Frost Band of the Hour at the University of Miami. As a curious and explorative composer, Strent’s musical voice is constantly adapting as he seeks to leave an impact on those who listen to his music. 

Screen Shot 2022-04-24 at 11.35_edited.j
Strent wins Choral Composition Contest
Strent conducts the premiere of "The World Afire"
"Continuities" World Premiere
Strent orchestrates for the film "Amber"
Strent conducts the premiere of "Songs for the People"
Strent conducts the live premiere of the short film "Amber" by Erick Cardenas.
Strent performs live at a talent show_
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