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Valley of the Yosemite

- for string quartet -

Premiered in 2019 at Boston Conservatory by the Worcester Chamber Music Society String Quartet


- for brass quintet -

Recorded in 2021 at the Frost School of Music by the STAMPS Brass Quintet

Through the Tunnel

- for Bb Clarinet and Marimba -

Premiered in 2021 by Transient Canvas

Featured Choral Music


- for SATB Choir with Piano and Cello -

Premiered in 2021 by The Frost School of Music Chamber Singers

Winner of Frost School of Music's

Choral Call for Scores 

Solo Piano Works

A Decoration of Time

- for Solo Piano -

Premiered in 2020 by Sammy Strent at the SCI New Music Concert at the Frost School of Music 

Score Preview

A Walk through the Park

- for Solo Piano -

Recorded in 2019 by Sammy Strent 

Electronic Tracks

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